Ghost Recon Breakpoint GOLD Edition


    PS4: Ghost Recon Breakpoint GOLD Edition

  • • Ubisoft, Ubisoft Paris
  • • Fyrir PlayStation 4
  • • Skotleikur
  • • Fyrir 18+ ára

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    PS4: Ghost Recon Breakpoint GOLD Edition

  • • Ubisoft, Ubisoft Paris
  • • Fyrir PlayStation 4
  • • Skotleikur
  • • Fyrir 18+ ára
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In Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, you are part of Ghosts, an Elite US Special Operations Unit stranded in hostile territory.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a military shooter that unfolds in a versatile, hostile and mysterious open world, and you can play alone or in four-player co-op. Damaged, unsupported and pursued by former Ghosts, you must fight to survive in Aurora. Choose the right alliances and choose how you can overcome your toughest enemy.

Key points
- Explore Aurora, a mysterious and versatile peninsula that is also home to Silicon Valley giant Skell Technology, on and off road, in the air, on land and in water.
- Immerse yourself in mysterious surroundings where advanced architecture meets the wildest and untamed nature.
- Fight against your toughest enemy, Wolves, a deadly former US military unit, ready to use the most effective weapons to defeat you.
- Wolves have the same training and experience as you; they have taken control of the Aurora Peninsula and are led by your former brother in battle, Colonel Cole D. Walker.
- Test your ability to survive and adapt to the varying terrain of Aurora.
- Create your own character and choose from thousands of combinations to create your perfect Ghost.
- Collect materials from around the world, build and upgrade your weapons with plenty of accessories, and customize your gear to fit your Ghost character into any situation and to fit your playing style.
- In Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, you will play the same character throughout the game, with the same adaptations, abilities and weapons.
- You keep and improve your progress in both PvE and PvP experiences.
- Find your friends in the new Social HUB, play quests together or enter a PvP arena for an intense 4v4 match.
- The game will be updated and followed up regularly after release; new storylines will expand the game's history, new features will constantly be added and new classes and game options will be available, as well as events and brand new types of endgame content: Raids

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint - Gold Edition includes:
- Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon : Breakpoint full game

The Year 1 Pass is also included in the Gold Edition, so you get:
- Siren's Call mission is available from release
- Special Operation Forces Pack - the rawest military equipment consisting of "Quiet" Designated Marksman Rifle, Covered ACH, CRYE G3 Combat Pants and Cargo Vest , available from release
- Access to two upcoming Adventures: Deep State and Transcendence
- Early unlocking of three classes that will enhance both the solo and multiplayer experience by introducing new abilities to your character


Fyrir hvaða tölvu PlayStation 4
Tegund leiks Herkænskuleikir
Aldurstakmark (PEGI) 18
Útgefandi Ubisoft
Útgáfuár 2019
Útgáfudagur 4 október